Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Looking for Clojure Glass developers

I have recently become a Google Glass explorer. Naturally, as a Clojure developer, I have started looking into developing Glassware using Clojure.

Developing for Glass

There are two different APIs for writing Glassware:

  1. The Mirror API, which allows you to write applications for Glass via a RESTful API. As a result, this means you can easily get started developing for Glass using your existing development skillset.

  2. The Glass Development Kit (GDK) allows you to write applications that run on Glass itself. Glass runs a version of Android, and the GDK is a library that works with the existing Android development kit and tools. As a result, writing Glassware with Clojure and GDK is likely to run into the same caveats that come with Clojure/Android development.

I have started working on an idiomatic Clojure library that wraps the Mirror API, and I am working on using it in a Compojure-based web app that replicates the features of the standard Mirror Demo app published by Google. I haven't quite gotten far enough to publish anything quite yet.

Looking for more Clojure Glass Developers

I have been given a chance to hand out a few invitations for more Glass explorers, and I would love to hand them out to Clojure developers. If you'd like to get a chance to win an invitation, please leave a comment here letting me know what kinds of cool things you'd like to do with Glass. Be sure to include some sort of way for me to contact you. If you prefer to not post publicly, just send an e-mail to <clojure-glass-invite at>.

The deadline for entries is 2013-12-21 06:00 UTC.

The fine print

Unfortunately, Google imposes a few requirements to be able to get an application. You must:

  1. Be US residents,
  2. Be at least 18 years old,
  3. Provide a US shipping address or pick up their Glass at one of our locations in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles, and
  4. Be willing to spend $1500 for the device.