Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Clojure REPL for Android now available

My Clojure REPL is now available on the Android Market. For now, there really is not all that much to it, but it does show that the full power of the Clojure language, including dynamic compilation, is possible on the Android platform.

The one extra feature the REPL includes is an embedded VimClojure server. I added this to the REPL in order to speed up development. In the end, instead of disabling that code, I simply made it an option that can be toggled by the user.

I do plan to develop the application further. Some of my ideas for new features include:

  • Make it easier to use, especially if a hardware keyboard is unavailable
  • Add the ability to run scripts from files

I will be publishing my modified Clojure source soon. At that time, I will describe in detail some of the changes that I have made, as well as some of the challenges that remain.

Of course, I am also interested in any feedback from users. So, please feel free to leave a comment, tweet, or e-mail me.

UPDATE: If you do not have access to an Android device and want to try it out on the SDK, the Clojure REPL is now availble from Deep Blue Lambda.