Friday, 18 February 2011

Clojure REPL for Android now in beta

Just a quick post to announce that my Clojure REPL is now officially in ‘beta’. This new release includes some key usability enhancements:

  • It is now possible to click on historical input and have it be inserted into the entry field.
  • If an exception occurs while processing input, the entry field text is retained.
  • Focus automatically shifts back to the entry field after evaluation.

This does not make entering new input any easier, but should nonetheless help make things more pleasant.

Of course, this release also includes the minor enhancements from the silent ‘alpha2’ release from yesterday:

  • Shorten the time from the end of the load animation to the display of the REPL
  • Removal of some dead or unusable code, including the clojure.inspector,, and namespaces
  • Add Clojure sources so the source macro now works

The REPL is available via the Android Market and from Deep Blue Lambda.

Coming soon

I will be presenting the Clojure REPL at the Clojure Houston User Group (CHUG) meeting this coming Thursday, the 24th of February. I will post more details about this later. Join the mailing list for the latest information.

This weekend, I plan to publish the next post in the ‘Creating Android applications with Clojure’ series, which will focus on using ProGuard.

I am also planning to release all of the Clojure REPL source code in the next week or so.

In the meantime, I appreciate your feedback via twitter, e-mail, or by commenting below.